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Enterprise products and services for massively scalable, safe,
scenario-based training and testing of autonomous system software
The Platform
Train, test, debug, and validate your autonomous system software with
Metamoto's simulation platform. Utilize all key simulation modes in
a modular fashion. Request subscription pricing and your instance today.
Scenario Creation
Vehicle Configuration
Standalone and
Cloud and On-Premise
with APIs
Simulation Replay
Standalone and
Build your scenarios inside virtual scenes. Parameterize anything with the click of a button. Scenarios contain the behaviors of the ego vehicle, sensor configurations, traffic, pedestrians, and more.
Schedule and run simulations across a spectrum of scenarios (e.g. unique edge cases), systems under test, and then ranges of environmental and hardware parameters. Run Monte Carlo training and regression testing exercises.
Debug and replay simulations and comprehensively assess how your vehicle software performed. Dig into your software stack to get to the heart of the matter faster.
The Architecture
Modernize your AV development and testing process with simulation.
Leverage our flexible container-based open architecture today.
Benefit from a unique all-browser experience.
Run millions of tests in a single cycle.
Drive billions of virtual test miles.
Multi-Sensor Simulation
Multi-Sensor Simulation
Precise, unified sensor simulation: lidar, radar, camera, GPS, IMU,
V2V, HD maps, and others. Responsive across diverse material properties.
Run tests across a spectrum of environmental and hardware parameters
and unique edge cases. Identify isolated outcomes, performance
boundaries, and system tolerances.
Ground Truth
Data Sets
Generate annotated and ground truth data sets from virtual environments
to fit your need. For example, train your machine learning application
or validate your algorithm’s performance.
Best Practices
Best Practices
Add simulation as an essential part of your AV product lifecycle. Supercharge
your regression testing, continuous integration, agile processes, requirements
management, versioning, auditing, and more. Tight REST based integration.
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Metamoto has a world class team of multi-disciplinary autonomous system software
experts, many with a long history of working together in past successful endeavors.
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